I Got a Job!

I’m very happy to announce (to the one or two of you reading this blog) that I’m going to be the Reference and Technology Services Librarian at Jefferson Public Library. I found out yesterday on my way home from volunteering, and I was thrilled. I’ll be working in a small, well-loved library with a talented staff (and a library cat and two library dogs).

This will be my first professional library job, and I’m glad that it’ll be in a smaller library where I’ll have a chance to do more than I might in a larger system where my work would be more focused. It’s really exciting and a bit intimidating. Though much of my job involves tasks that I’ve done before, this will be my first time doing any of it as an official librarian and not as a student worker, temp, intern, or volunteer.

So I plan to spend the next few days listening to Beyoncé and reading up on technology instruction and rural librarianship.


Throughout the last year of applications and interviews, I was really grateful to have to INALJ, Hiring Librarians, and Open Cover Letters. If you’re looking for library employment, I can’t recommend those sites enough. I’ve mentioned them and other great job-hunting resources in an earlier post.

So you can expect plenty of work-related posts in the future. And I’ll have a post on my March reading goals up in the next few days!



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