Big Update: I Moved to Wisconsin

Wisconsin State Capital

It’s been a busy month. Two weeks ago, my husband and I flew to Wisconsin for interview with a software company outside of Madison. Last week, he got the job. This week, we moved to a new state!

Although we’ve gotten many warnings about the winter around here, we’re still excited. I’m looking forward to starting fresh with my job search in a new community and hopefully volunteering a bit while I search.

I can’t wait to explore this area. A few things I already love:


Madison Library Sign

  • cheese curds (don’t knock them until you try them)
fried cheese curds

Photo by Dustin Filippini

I’m also on the lookout for Wisconsin librarians through social media. If you’re from around Madison, I’d love to chat! Leave a comment or find me on Twitter or Tumblr.



  1. Hey Elizabeth! Glad to see you guys are doing well. I live about 45 mins from Madison. I really like the area (although I could do without the grey, rainy days we’ve had lately). We should meet up in Madison sometime.

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