Being a Librarian Without a Library

Well, it’s been almost three months since I received my MSLS and two months since my husband and I moved to Charleston. As I mentioned before, I tried to plan for entering the job market as well as I could.

Photo by Kate Barr

I’ve copied and pasted my resume into applications for jobs at public, academic, and school libraries. Unfortunately, so far that’s resulted in one rejection email and pretty much nothing else. To make matters more complicated, my husband’s currently in the midst of a (too complicated to explain) career transition. We originally planned to be here only for a few months to a year at most, but later thought we’d be here long-term, and now we’re possibly moving to another state next month. This has resulted in me looking for short-term, then long-term, then short-term employment before putting the job search on pause.

Fortunately, in the midst of this I’ve got a part-time job evaluating search engine results and a temporary gig at a local bookstore. While they aren’t in libraries, both will help me develop related skills (evaluating informational materials and customer service). Things could be worse, and I’m fortunate to have a partner who’s currently employed full-time.

It’s been disheartening. I’ve watched happily (and also a little jealously) as my peers have gotten jobs. While it feels like I’m being left behind, it does give me hope.

I’m not sure I have anything useful to share from this experience (yet) other than to say to my unemployed/underemployed peers, “I know what you’re going through. It sucks, huh?”



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