Library Student Day in the Life: Tuesday

This week I will be documenting my life for Hack Library School’s Library Student Day in the Life. For other great bloggers who are participating, check here.

9:00: I finished a paper for my Legal Issues for Librarians class before walking to campus.

11:00: I had a slow day at my on-campus job at the Graduate Funding Information Center (It used to be the GrantSource Library, and I miss having library in the name). No student appointments scheduled, so I have time to prep for this month’s workshops and sneak in a little studying for comps.

2:30: I worked on my master’s paper at a local coffee shop. The people at the next table over were talking about OCLC.

6:00: We discussed free expression and the library as a forum in my Legal Issues class. And we learned about the Portland Whistler.

9:00: Chatted with the fiancé.

10:00: Finally, I attempted to work on the master’s paper again, but got distracted by Tumblr.


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