Library Student Day in the Life: Monday

This week I will be documenting my life for Hack Library School’s Library Student Day in the Life. For other great bloggers who are participating, check here.

Monday is the longest day of my week and also my favorite. I intern in the Collection Development Services Department (CDS) of Wake County Public Libraries from 9-4:30 and then work as a temporary library assistant at the Cameron Village branch from 5-9. I like the combination of technical services work and interaction with patrons. There’s also a crazy Corgi who hangs out in the CDS office.

Today at CDS, I looked over a list of nonfiction titles from our vendor. I love suggesting books for the library to purchase. I was excited to see The World’s Strongest Librarian on the list. (We’re ordering it!) The most interesting book was How to Create the Perfect Wife by Wendy Moore. It’s the true story of a 18th-century British writer who, after he was unable to find an “ideal wife”, decided to create one. He adopted two girls and tried to mold them into his idea of a perfect woman. As you might imagine, the girls weren’t thrilled with this idea, and things didn’t go as he planned.

Cover of How to Create the Perfect Wife

I’ll try to write a bit more about my work as temp later this week. Tonight I’m trying to finish a paper for my legal issues class while I’m here at the readers services desk.


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